Start of School Info Packet

Fifth and Sixth Grade Information Packet

This packet is filled with information that will help your child prepare for each school day.

I am looking forward to a wonderful year with all of you. We have had a busy and exciting start to the new school year in our fifth and sixth grade classroom. We have 13 students in our class of which 8 are girls and 5 are boys.

In the beginning of the day, students will put their Independent Reading Book on their desks, and hand in any forms or notes that need to go to the office. 

Morning Meeting will begin at 8:00 with the following format: Greeting, Share, Activity, and Morning Message. I rely on the approach of Responsive Classroom in our classroom because it encourages students to practice self-control and creates a sense of community. It is also important to have effective, caring discipline in the classroom to create an atmosphere for learning.


In order to build a bridge between children’s lives in school and at home, reinforce skills, and practice responsibility, students will have daily homework in reading and math. Occasionally, other project related assignments will also be given. Homework will be sent home Monday through Thursday, allowing weekends to remain for family time.

 If the homework assignments are taking your child longer than the expected time to finish or if there is any other problem, please send in a note or call us. 

Homework is your child’s responsibility. However, it would be helpful to your child if you would check to see if it was done neatly and completely. Homework that is not done will be completed during free time/recess at school. 

Another way families can help their students is with organization. Fifth and sixth graders are often still struggling with how to get stuff from school to home and back again. Each student should bring a backpack to school everyday. Once homework is finished at home, please remind your student to put it into his/her backpack right away so that it won’t be forgotten. This is especially important for independent reading books. Thanks in advance for this help!

Reading Homework

 In our class this year we will read, read, read! An important part of the reading program, though, is having students read nightly for 20 to 30 minutes. If your child ever says “There is no homework,” don’t believe it! There is always reading! Students will bring their independent reading book from school to home each night. They must do their reading in this self-selected book. The book must absolutely, positively come back to school the next day. If the student forgets it they will lose an entire day of independent reading. Please remember these books!

At home, books can be read silently, read aloud to a parent or sibling, read along with a story tape or with another person. Our goal is not just to create people who can read technically, but also to try to instill a love of reading for the richness it brings to learning and life. The Vermont State Standard is for each child to read 25 books this year. That is a lot of reading!

Math Homework

 This year, grade five will have math with Mrs.Kobelin. They will be working with the Bridges program. Math instruction will happen in two basic sections—number corner and investigations. Number corner has students practice basic skills and in investigations we are learning new ones.

 Sixth graders will be doing the Connected Math program with Mrs. Beste. This program consists of eight different modules that come in small booklets. Math homework will be nightly, Monday through Thursday.

Typical Daily Schedule

While everyday is different, this is the general schedule we will follow:

8:00 Morning Meeting

8:30 Reading

9:30 Break

9:45 Project Based/Expeditionary Learning


12:15 Lunch

1:00 DEAR/Finish Work 

1:35 Specials

2:20 Clean up and pack up and dismissal



Monday: Library 40 minutes

Tuesday: PE 35 minutes

Wednesday: Music 40 minutes

Thursday: PE 40 minutes

Friday: Art 40 minutes